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Get to Know us

reLeaf Alternative provides the finest grade, high quality cannabis. Our products are organically produced and laboratory tested for safety, potency, and consistency and are distributed exclusively through our locations in Massachusetts.

Our care driven staff will be managed by a board certified medical doctor ensuring premier customer education and service. Specified evaluations, dietary considerations and comfort level will direct our guests to a full range of options, including: flowers, tinctures, oils, salves, patches, and various edible choices.

Compassion and community service are trademarks of reLeaf Alternative and will be exemplified through our Patient Affordability Program for patients in economic hardship, and our Community Outreach Program, consisting of local charitable involvement and donations.

reLeaf Cares

reLeaf Cares is the philanthropic arm of reLeaf Alternative, its altruistic vision is to support in unique and creative ways the local communities that reLeaf Alternative serves, to understand their needs, and to offer aid where available reLeaf Alternative resources can be most helpful. reLeaf Cares also recognizes the critically important role of medical research and considers appropriate contributions to assist in the advancements of science, treatments, and cures. 

Guided by a set of values that affirms the reLeaf Alternative mission, reLeaf Cares devotes itself to the tenets of good citizenship and caring neighbors. reLeaf Cares embraces its responsibility, along with reLeaf Alternative employees, to be engaging stewards of local community interests.