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Mansfield’s ONLY recreational dispensary, reLeaf Alternative, is now open!

Offering flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, cartridges, CBD, dog treats, custom hand-blown glass & much more!

Our Reviews

Igor SouzaIgor Souza
14:14 21 Nov 23
03:22 09 Nov 23
David NeeDavid Nee
18:07 08 Nov 23
Awesome place Luke & Marcus helped me!! . I came here with my vape not working and now i am able to smoke again!!
Lu DarcelLu Darcel
11:26 27 Oct 23
Amber D my favorite budtender 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Catherine BoulayCatherine Boulay
23:48 25 Oct 23
Amber D. was extremely knowledgeable. She kept suggesting different strains and understood my struggles with certain brands. She’s helped me before and has always been fantastic
Andrew SchofieldAndrew Schofield
09:42 16 Oct 23
The prices and overall quality of the product is hard to beat. You may find better prices but you are sacrificing quality at a high rate. Every single staff member I have interacted with is knowledgeable and pleasant.If you have a medical card, you don't pay tax. Need I say more. How many rec dispensaries can say they offer the same? Very few!
Alden DarasAlden Daras
02:10 16 Oct 23
I would like to say, when I came here I wasn’t expecting much based off the low reviews. See I can get over the insane prices, but I can not get over the fact that the staff members, specifically the ones in charge. i can be more welcomed at a graveyard than this place. Can’t even get a “hi how is your day”, I just get “what do you want” how unprofessional! Never going here again. Advise you not to as well. Don’t get me started on how they treat their staff members! Looks like I’m going to Nova Farms from now on!
This company breaks multiple federal wage laws(retaliating against wage conversations, allowing managers and supervisors to receive tips, allowing managers to pocket tip money and continue to allow that person count tips in a closed room) they have nepotism like no other. Managers brag about going to concerts with owners and go on the owners boat! Their weed is overpriced, moldy, and the budtenders know nothing about weed, terpenes, or literal brands. Go to any other dispensary and you’d be better off. This company needs to stop wasting their time making stupid tiktoks that don’t add any value to their marketing! Turnover rate is high, weed is bad, creepy budtenders preying on women, and the grossest owner around. 5 stars for bad company practices
Ian B.Ian B.
09:54 15 Oct 23
It’s always a pleasant experience coming here! Staff is always very friendly and welcoming right when you walk through the doors. Great prices and selection.
Stephen HealeyStephen Healey
22:24 13 Oct 23
Amazing people deserve recognition, so I am compelled to leave this review. In a staff of exceptionally fantastic people at Releaf, AMBER D. shines out! She is extremely personable, hard-working, knowledgeable and friendly. So refreshing! She has gone above and beyond for me countless times and is always happy to do so. I am a medical patient, however I still regularly choose Releaf which is a recreational dispensary only. I attribute this to Amber’s level of knowledge and kindness which goes a long way with me. AMBER D 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Dr Bryan FerlandDr Bryan Ferland
14:49 12 Oct 23
A fun little place. Helpful staff. Ask about the medical discount
Claudia SimonClaudia Simon
18:29 10 Oct 23
Marquix has been super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend going here!
Michelle MartinMichelle Martin
05:28 09 Oct 23
Alexander CoronaAlexander Corona
01:08 07 Oct 23
5star experience very welcoming environment and staff.great selection.amazing deals when your a VIP. Mikayla was amazing and very knowledgeable as well.
renee neumannrenee neumann
23:57 30 Sep 23
My favorite!
Jason SJason S
22:10 30 Sep 23
Keith CloutierKeith Cloutier
15:48 21 Sep 23
Meg was great to work with. Asked me what I wanted and showed me the best options. Quick and easy. I’ll be back!
Matt JillsonMatt Jillson
09:42 20 Sep 23
Great staff, prices, and selection!
17:09 16 Sep 23
The salesman Connor is a great guy. Extremely nice and thoughtful.
Kyle RyanKyle Ryan
18:49 08 Sep 23
Store and Staff are awesome but the market is wayyy too flooded for these prices. won't be returning until they drop unfortunately. idk about 5 mile radius but botera has much more competitive prices closer to the market average right now in Taunton and Brockton. money is tight for most and average Joe's like me can't afford the price hike when it's all regulated and lab tested ether way!
Macy GuertinMacy Guertin
21:18 02 Sep 23
Everyone here was super rude. I had a list of strains I wanted and was told I wasn’t allowed on my phone, even though it was just notes on what I wanted to purchase. I don’t understand why I wouldn’t be allowed on my phone, I’ve never had this issue at any dispensary before.On top of that, the high pitched blonde girl behind the counter would not stop talking as I was trying to look at the specials.I got a phone call (a family member passed away last night) and was told loudly that I needed to either hang up or leave the building. Completely rude and I hope this place learns to treat people better. Will not be coming back.
Jennifer FoxJennifer Fox
03:27 25 Aug 23
Jason GuzmanJason Guzman
15:37 15 Aug 23
Selection was on point. Customer service needs help. You're selling weed. Why the hell are ya'll so douchey?
00:38 13 Aug 23
Alexis MasseAlexis Masse
21:12 11 Aug 23
Love Releaf!!! Best customer service, best selections, and always a quick experience!
Ben TilestonBen Tileston
20:37 11 Aug 23
Connor and Rhian were very very helpful and accommodating!
MaryAnn DempseyMaryAnn Dempsey
19:51 08 Aug 23
Joshua ZappalaJoshua Zappala
04:49 01 Aug 23
Best dispensary prices on carts
George AndrewsGeorge Andrews
21:03 28 Jul 23
Connor is a good egg!!!! Fixed an issue for me, when he didnt have to go all out like he did... its appreciated.. ill definitely be back. ...
Shannon McWatersShannon McWaters
17:06 23 Jul 23
Soooo thankful for these amazing people! They took a lot of time educating me, helping me get exactly what I need for arthritis. This should be in every single state. The opioid epidemic is nationwide and this is NOT a gateway drug, but big Pharma is! Cannot believe how much this has helped me! Worth the 17 hour drive. So worth it.
Garrett ReinboldGarrett Reinbold
14:06 17 Jul 23
Best crew of people in town! Always served with a smile and many familiar faces to remember your name. Decent pricing if you know what to look for. 10/10 would recommend
Daniel WeisgerberDaniel Weisgerber
11:50 16 Jul 23
I would say 60% of the time the weed is dried out and you don't even need a grinder. Staff is cool, but their buds are no bueno and prices are OUTRAGEOUS compared to other weed stores
Sarah JerauldSarah Jerauld
10:57 14 Jul 23
This place is the absolute best! The atmosphere is always fun and inviting. Everyone is also very helpful with answering any questions especially Marcus and Connor, always an exceptional experience when they’re there.
Natalie LydonNatalie Lydon
10:30 29 Jun 23
Stopped in for the first time yesterday and got some great product. Luke was super helpful and friendly! Great customer service.
Shanelle FernandezShanelle Fernandez
16:19 18 Jun 23
Super cute location! Great prices and great staff. The product is always great. Wish they had tier pricing, however the product is always good for the price.
Evan OguleEvan Ogule
00:43 08 Jun 23
Amber D was awesome! I’m not from the area and she made me feel at home. She was knowledgeable, bubbly, and funny.
Ann SousaAnn Sousa
03:07 24 Apr 23
I want to first start out by saying I had no intention in providing a review, but I just stumbled on a reLeaf business card and felt the need to give a well deserved, five star, hi-five salute to AMBER!! She's like a Chemist behind the counter. She aprehends, comprhends, speaks in layman's terms, and alwaysgets it right.. Always upbeat approachable and patient.I have been to a few dispensaries, and have never given a review, and no she isn't a friend or relative, she's just awesome!!Big Tips for Amber!!;D
Tim DownsTim Downs
17:07 14 Apr 23
One of the best shops around .Their prices aren’t as good as my own when I was a local trap lord, but compared to other shops they are fair .(I also didn’t pay taxes on mah herb mon ) The fact that they have a cart return policy shows they actually care about customer satisfaction …All the employs are friendly and knowledgeable, especially Amber , she’s the best . Bless up 🙏 .
Tiffany TorresTiffany Torres
20:30 05 Apr 23
Everyone is so happy and polite. It’s always clean and cheerful as well! Bountiful Farms and Releaf flower are my favorites!!!!!!!
Jeffrey ThompsonJeffrey Thompson
20:37 13 Mar 23
Picked up an Ozone Forbidden Fruit disposable vape over the weekend and it is phenomenal. Tastes like Juicy Fruit gum and gives the perfect high. Please keep these in stock.
22:50 21 Feb 23
Good if you know what brands to look for. If you don't you run the risk of getting some extremely old, dry garbage. That's just the way she goes, it's corporate weed. Prices are much better than when they first opened.
Linda BonfilioLinda Bonfilio
21:43 19 Feb 23
They have excellent attitudes, they are great with their customers! The prices are better than anyone around! Check out their VIP. 🙂
Steven KeithSteven Keith
13:38 10 Feb 23
The staff is very friendly and helpful. Great selections and plenty of product available. My go-to even if it's out of the way.
Kelley RiceKelley Rice
16:02 10 Jan 23
Was there on1/6 and had one of the most knowledgeable people there or someone who gave us a lot of feedback on stuff and sold us what was worth our dollar. Did not get his name but cashier number was 57067. Idk if that helps with reviews. Very happy with what we got!!!
Aidan DooleyAidan Dooley
21:51 18 Dec 22
Good prices & very nice staff. Building entrance is low key, however the inside is very clean and good looking for a dispensary. Best rec Marijuana in Mansfield area
Israel SanchezIsrael Sanchez
16:23 12 Oct 22
The staff at releaf are a wonderful group who always make me me feel at home oddly enough every time I visit. Even though its at most a ten minute stay from walking in to walking out, its a meaningful exchange with people who genuinely like what they are doing and who they are doing it for. And a special shout out to Amber who has checked me out on occasion and always has something to recommend and the tall brown haired gentleman whos name I unfortunately never got to know but helped make my birthday real special
Nick RussellNick Russell
01:22 04 Oct 22
Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Came here for my 21st birthday (Oct 1) and I'm so glad I chose to go to this location. I can't remember his name, but he was very patient and expressive, and he recommended me some of his go-to's and showed me a VIP selection, which I know I will enjoy. Wish I remembered his name, he was the s***! Think it was Connor...I was there around 5pm on Saturday. Got hooked up with a free T-Shirt as a B-Day gift as well. I will absolutely continue to return to this store.
Pure BlissPure Bliss
22:10 30 Aug 22
I am guilty of leaving more negative reviews than positive but today I get to leave a great one. I'm not a big spender. I'm not even a regular. They just wanted to make sure I was happy. I don't want to set them up for expectations for every customer but I wanted to say thank you for the small gift, it works great and I'm still in shock you'd do that for a random customer 😊
Meredith RiveraMeredith Rivera
14:38 09 Aug 22
Needed to purchase gifts for the holiday season. The rep was the most helpful when it came to figuring out what strains would be best as well as deciding what to gift and keep for my own personal use. He made my visit so much easier and provided a lot of information on the highs that would be experienced for each product. Came in with a budget and left with absolutely everything that I needed. Got a range of different items like edibles, cartridges, pre-rolls, and flowers. Eager to come back again.
Marian BinghamMarian Bingham
07:42 09 Aug 22
Absolutely love the workers here! They’re so friendly and are always happy to help! The rep has amazing customer service and always helps me out! Prices are good and they have a great selection of items and I love how easy it is! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed 👍🏽
Quinten deprezQuinten deprez
04:55 09 Aug 22
I have been here twice and both times I have just been amazed. The customer service is always so warm and welcoming. The staff are knowledgeable and super helpful. The guy in the express line was amazing as always! He went the extra mile by going back to find items for us with a smile on his face. Overall best dispensary I've been to thus far! You guys are amazing!!
A Google User
A Google User
04:55 09 Aug 22
Needed to purchase gifts for the holiday season. The rep was the most helpful when it came to figuring out what strains would be best as well as deciding what to gift and keep for my own personal use. He made my visit so much easier and provided a lot of information on the highs that would be experienced for each product. Came in with a budget and left with absolutely everything that I needed. Got a range of different items like edibles, cartridges, pre-rolls, and flowers. Eager to come back again.
Leeann Leone EskerLeeann Leone Esker
16:18 07 Aug 22
Have only been to a few dispensaries would have to sayThis was my favorite by far. I have never felt as welcome and heard thanks to my girls well six months later and still haven't shipped anywhere else and tx Kevin and I don't remember any ones name but shot out to all my favs from RI you go girl and to tall blonde and handsome thank you for my physical help and coming out to talk to the hubby I was shocked at how above and beyond because of that the hubby says we pick u
Frederick WrightFrederick Wright
15:28 07 Aug 22
Stopped by this location to pick up an eighth. Had a gentleman help me out. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable!! Gave me some great recommendations on what I might enjoy. Ended up leaving with more than I had intended to pick up! This location has a very welcoming atmosphere. I’ll definitely be coming back again!!
Christ CarterChrist Carter
11:30 07 Aug 22
I love this spot. They have amazing service, the staff are the best and super helpful. Also they have this THC infused wine (genius). It's so great to have a shop that I really trust. I've been telling all my friends about it. Keep it up. See you soon 🙂
Hansen LauraHansen Laura
15:13 05 Aug 22
High quality purple punch Marijuana strain. Its taste and smell were fantastic with clean buds, really bright purple. Positive vibes, slow and steady high, potent enough. I got 1/2 pound yesterday. They are the best. Thanks guys for the good job.
Molly DoyleMolly Doyle
13:49 05 Aug 22
Angie and Connor are the best! Connor is super knowledgeable and always has a good recommendation. And Angie is so sweet and helpful! I received a defective cartridge, Angie was very understanding and replaced it with a new one so quickly. This is my favorite bud shop in town
Devon CarrDevon Carr
23:22 03 Aug 22
The entire staff and atmosphere is very welcoming and knowledgeable.Prices and selection are amazing.All the budtenders are wicked friendly, Ettore in particular is always able to make you leave there in a better mood than when you walked in.
Damini SandhuDamini Sandhu
03:17 03 Aug 22
I recently moved here and the entire marijuana process has been a hassle. I was thrilled to find this company. The highest quality of products and customer satisfaction I’ve found in the Area. Seriously, don’t waste your time elsewhere. These guys are the best!!!!
Maria BridgemanMaria Bridgeman
03:40 02 Aug 22
Matt is the best bud tender EVER!!!! Waited in line but it was completely worth it! Matt definitely helped make my 7/10 amazing! He's extremely knowledgeable and super friendly. Thanks for making my visit wonderful! Ps he definitely needs a promotion! 👍👍
Zachery CollarZachery Collar
13:37 31 Jul 22
This was my second time in this dispensary. The crew was super helpful and knowledgeable. I went in with the intention of getting a vape cart and I made it out the door with some new edibles that I have been wanting to try with a discount. I highly recommend these guys.
Cyrus BeveridgeCyrus Beveridge
08:57 31 Jul 22
When I say this is the friendliest bud~tenders that I have experienced to date,I mean it! it was my first time a few weeks ago, but it didn't feel like it, it felt more like I had known them for years!! Super stoked I found this place! Great prices 👍 The best medication! Matt, the young man that helped me that evening ~ He is such a beautiful soul~He was so sweet -kind & very helpful in knowing what I needed. This is my new spot😁..Thank you guys!😊
Tyrone BrameTyrone Brame
16:16 29 Jul 22
Amazing selection of cannabis products. My partner and I came here for the first time today and the staff was very helpful and friendly. We got some good smoke for a reasonable price and left very satisfied with our purchases. Keep up the great work everyone and we’ll definitely be back 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Mari RamirezMari Ramirez
22:34 12 Jul 22
Love them ! Great variety, beautiful facility can’t beat the prices with the vip menu and to top it off best customer service ! Shoutout to Amber p, Connor t & all the staff- always making my experience a lovely one
Jaimie PrattJaimie Pratt
21:57 18 Jun 22
My boyfriend and I went today to get some new products, Jill was super helpful and made us feel super comfortable. She was an amazing help, she gave us all the information we needed for our product. Beyond amazing service, we love coming here. We definitely will be back!
Carolina MontyCarolina Monty
18:34 18 Jun 22
Matt and Mark are always a joy to see at the end of a long day of work. All the budtenders are very knowledgeable and have a no pressure attitude. The shop keeps adjusting as it's clienteles needs change. The variety of choices is great.
Jonathan PriceJonathan Price
18:00 06 Jun 22
I had an amazing experience!! I love love love going there. Amazing product. Rachel repeated my order, offered there exclusive order without me asking an had a beautiful aura about her, as does everyone I encounter when I go there. They take pride, ALWAYS SMILE an REALLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL AS A CUSTOMER, which makes me keep returning. Now that I only have me and my puppies to smoke with, I can by myself more product which means more visits!!
Brianna FoleyBrianna Foley
14:57 25 May 22
Monday was my 21st birthday and of course I had to pop in to the dispensary to see what it’s all about. I was a little nervous walking in but the employees make it such a fun and easy experience. I was greeted at the door and then again at the counter by my bud tender Ettore He was super helpful when it came to finding what I wanted, he helped me pick the perfect strain for me and answered all the question I had for him! I have only been here once but I will most definitely be coming back!
emma gunnemma gunn
11:58 16 May 22
went for my first time and my budtender Luke was super helpful! he was very sweet and answered all of my questions I had. all the staff was very nice as well and the inside is beautiful! I sometimes feel intimidated when going into dispensaries but the environment made me feel comfortable. the product is great and I will 100% be going back soon.

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