Kerry Bourne

Chief Executive Officer

Kerry graduated from Babson college with a BA in business. She continued her education at Bridgewater state university taking child education classes and receiving her teaching certification. Spending 6 years as a one on one educational specialist. She helped the individual achieve his goals through motivation, assistive technology, and implementing creative ways for learning.

Utilizing her business education, teaching and leadership skills, Kerry and her husband, Jason, have built a highly successful car dealership, Bourne’s Auto Center. They started in 1998 with a small 20 car lot in Easton, MA employing 3 people. Currently they have 3 locations, over 1000 cars in inventory, over 100 employees, and annual revenues in excess of 125 million. Kerry has a proven track record in acquiring inventory, marketing, and increasing sales. With their leadership, Bourne’s Auto has been named 3 times Massachusetts Dealer of the year.

Giving back has also been very important to them, they have established a program called charity of the month and give around $2,000 every month to national, state, and local charities. For over 20 years, Kerry and her family have been involved with the Genesis Fund, a nonprofit which helps children born with birth defects. She has personally donated and helped raise over $300,000. Kerry is excited to enter the cannabis field where she knows she can make a difference in the community, employees, and customer lives.

Kerry has also spent much of her time raising four children. With a passion for sports, it led her to Easton youth Basketball and Easton Youth lacrosse. For the last 8 years she has dedicated herself to teaching kids both on and off the field. She is involved in the community serving on both the hockey and basketball booster boards for the last several years. Kerry has also served on the Oliver Ames Athletic Hall of Fame committee for 15 years.

Being an athlete, coach, educator, and businesswoman, truthfully Kerry was not sure of the legalization of marijuana. Worrying about the safety of the children in our society and the ongoing issues of drug and alcohol abuse, Kerry has weighed the pros and cons of the law. Now that it has passed, her focus is that we educate the public and make sure that all cannabis products are used appropriately, in moderation, and safely. Her other concern is that it stays out of the hands of anyone under the age of 21. She is a passionate leader and team player who wants to build a company that is invested in the community and above and beyond in the safety, education and proper use of all cannabis products.

Conor McLaughlin

Chief Financial Officer

Conor began his financial career at Morgan Stanley after graduating from Suffolk University with a Major in Finance, Minor in Accounting and a Certificate in Financial Planning. While at Morgan Stanley, Conor earned his Series 7, Series 66, and Series 33 license to become an active stockbroker as well as Futures and Options trader. Conor stayed with Morgan Stanley until his departure from Boston in 2009, when he transitioned into the hospitality/service industry.

In 2010, Conor became operational manager of his Family owned restaurant and marina. Seasonal in nature, Conor uses his fall, winter and spring to help his family owned commercial real estate business. His extensive background in finance and accounting, as well as his experience in hospitality, has led him to be involved with reLeaf Alternative.

His goal is to produce a fiscally responsible, customer friendly facility with an emphasis on safety. Being in a highly regulated industry like on-premises alcohol license, Conor has become proficient with dealing with high volume, high stress situations that require calm under pressure and high accountability standards. Conor has been a certified crowd manager for the past 8 years.

Conor has now devoted his time solely to the legal cannabis industry in MA, where he will be serving as the President of reLeaf Alternative.

Luke Hunsberger

Chief Operating Officer

Luke Hunsberger grew up in Seattle, WA before moving to Brookline, MA during high school.  As the second state to legalize cannabis use in 2012, he was able to witness firsthand their nascent market develop every time he would return home to visit his parents in Seattle.  As a young economist, he marveled at not only the business growth but the opportunity for the industry to improve communities. 

Driven by his passion for finance, Luke worked full time at Morgan Stanley while also attending school full time at Pitzer College.  He also enjoyed leading and teaching as President of the Student Investment Committee.  He would graduate with a BA in economics and later move to BNY Mellon to work with larger clients.  Always a student of the markets, Luke recently recieved a MA in Economics and Finance from Brandeis University while also running their Student Investment Committee. 

While constantly trading and working, Luke has always focused on helping his community as well.  He was a weekly volunteer for 7 years at the Home for Little Wanderers, a Boston based home for children at risk.  He helped children with a range of issues including homework, working though social issues and developing problem solving skills.  His help was appreciated so much they offered him a part time job as a Direct Care Councilor in Roxbury, where he excelled for 2 years.  Luke also has also been a mentor for the past 10 years and currently volunteers as a VITA IRA registered tax accountant, performing free tax service for low income families and individuals.

Encouraged by Cambridge’s adoption of equity provisions in their new cannabis business ordinance, Luke spearheaded the formation of a new company to apply for the town’s Retail Cannabis License.  Securing real estate at a vacant grocery store on Mass Ave, he interviewed viable Economic Empowerment applicants for the CEO role while also securing 4 investors.  Forming a team of designers, lobbyists, security, legal and traffic analysts, they presented to the Cambridge Community Development Department and residents on multiple occasions throughout the application process.  Unfortunately a larger player in the market sued the city of Cambridge over the legality of the town’s equity provisions, leading to a temporary moratorium on cannabis business licenses.  Their team was forced to withdraw their application due to the unsustainable business and political outlook.   

Understanding he needed more industry experience, Luke immediately joined Sanctuary Medicinals, a multistate operator in cannabis cultivation and retail.  He was part of their 3-person team responsible for opening Sanctuary’s flagship 19-terminal store in Brookline.  He assisted in all aspects of opening the store, from building out the merchandise area, designing the vault, hiring 55 employees, to developing security and inventory procedures.  Furthermore, with the onset of Covid-19, he was able to successfully adjust customer ordering, queuing, and employee protocols so that the store opened seamlessly on August 1st with no resident complaints.   He worked through the end of the year as AGM before joining the reLeaf team.

As a member of reLeaf, Luke will help open their Mansfield adult-use cannabis store, after which he will be part of a team ready to open reLeaf’s Natick store if their application is approved.  He joins a diverse team of professionals from all aspects of the cannabis industry at reLeaf; a team with the proven track record to succeed in Natick.     

Michael Allen

Chief of Security

Michael Allen is currently the Manager of Armstrong Security, LLC providing security consulting services to multiple licensed marijuana establishments in both MA and NH for the past 2+ years. Prior to this, he served as the Chief of Police in the City of Rochester, NH where he retired after 30 years of service.

Michael is a native of Rhode Island, born and raised in the city of Pawtucket. Michael is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and New Hampshire Air National Guard having served 5 1⁄2 years as a military police officer. Michael holds a Master of Science degree in Project Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety Administration, both from Granite State College.

Michael is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA and has served as past president of the FBI National Academy Associates, New England Chapter. He is also a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and NH Chiefs of Police Association. He also volunteers as a member of the Advisory Board for the Strafford County Family Justice Center and Rochester youth substance abuse organization called Bridging the Gaps.

He is a 2008 recipient of the NH Governor’s Award and NH Congressional Law Enforcement Award for his role as Incident Commander of a hostage standoff at the office of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Pierce Jenkins

General Manager

Growing up in Natick, MA and having attended the Natick school system, Pierce and his family have always had a passion for the preservation and continued success of the community.  Leaving his well-established career at JOH, Pierce took on an exciting new role at New England Treatment Access (NETA).  In 2016, Pierce helped pioneer Massachusetts state medicinal cannabis program by becoming one of the first employees hired at NETA.

At the time, NETA was just one of three operating medical dispensaries in the state.  Groomed by some of the industry’s leading professionals, Pierce developed a deeply rooted understanding of the cannabis industry.  This provided Pierce with the unique experience of serving a third of the patient base in Massachusetts: an experience that granted him a front row seat to all the challenges and triumphs of working within the cannabis industry. As a PSA, he learned the two most important aspects of the industry; (1) understanding the quality and effects of the product to best service a patient and (2) the important MA guidance for properly and compliantly dispensing Cannabis products to patients. It was through professional guidance and experience during the industry’s inception that propelled Pierce to be a leading expert in the Massachusetts adult use retail cannabis business.

Pierce’s passion for the business and privilege of being involved since the inception, assisted him in advancing into every position at the retail cannabis dispensary.  From Patient Service Associate to Inventory Specialist, to an Assistant Dispensary Manager and to finally, proudly setting up and opening a dispensary as a General Manager of Sanctuary Medicinal in Brookline, The value that Pierce has added to the success of the companies he has worked with is paramount to their successes in the industry.  During Pierce’s tenure NETA was ranked the number 1 adult use dispensary in the country for both retail sales volume and customer satisfaction.

Currently residing in Natick, MA and equipped with the skills necessary to confidently and compliantly execute all aspects needed to successfully run a cannabis dispensary in the state of Massachusetts, Pierce has now dedicated his full time to reLeaf Alternative’s Natick operation.   The culmination of his experiences and passion for his hometown makes Pierce the right person to lead Releaf Natick to a successful open and to ensure this success is sustained into the future.

Linnea Sherman

Assistant General Manager

Linnea Sherman grew up in Natick, and her family has strong roots in the town spanning generations. She graduated from Natick High School, raised her daughter Sage here, and began her professional life as an EMT for American Medical Response, later becoming a Paramedic. She loved being able to help others, and the challenges of working on the frontline of the American healthcare system allowed her ample opportunity for learning and growth.

After 12 years, and with the opioid epidemic taking hold across the country, Linnea found herself responding to emergency calls to assist those struggling with addiction more and more often. She wanted to work to help these people before they needed an ambulance, and so she left AMR and started at Recovery Centers of America as a recovery specialist and counselor. During her tenure, she worked closely with hundreds of patients at various stages of their recovery journey.

While she enjoyed working with patients to meet their individual needs and facilitate their progress, Linnea soon became aware of a deep-seated resistance to alternative therapies, namely cannabis, in the recovery industry. She’d seen what a powerful tool cannabis could be in treating addiction and countless other physical and psychological issues, and wanted to be a part of this new frontier.

With newfound energy and optimism, Linnea launched her cannabis career at ACS in Bridgewater as a trimmer and packing agent. She quickly set about learning as much as she could about cultivation, extraction, inventory and sales, and soon rose to the position of head of packaging. Linnea worked hard to ensure product safety, researching and implementing enhanced quality control protocols. In time she moved over to the retail side, first as an inventory specialist, ultimately going on to lead the point of sale and inventory departments.

Linnea has always considered Natick home, and she looks forward to the opportunity to use her passion for care and her knowledge of cannabis to serve her true community of neighbors and loved ones.