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Giavanna Fratus

Inventory Lead and Non-Cannabis Specialist


Giavanna Fratus is one of our inventory leads and non-cannabis inventory specialists. She has been here almost from day one. Gia makes sure the sales floor is fully stocked and does a fantastic job pushing out new products. She accepts transports and gets a first peak at new products rolling in the door. Gia is vital at keeping the vault organized! Gia also helps buy, stock, and receive non-cannabis items. She says reLeaf has helped her meet new people and foster relationships from within the cannabis industry. She also believed that reLeaf has a great team which makes things at work copacetic day in and out. In her time off she enjoys traveling and being in nature whether it be the woods, climbing a mountain or by the ocean. Nature is her happy place! She also enjoys photography, reading, writing, painting, catching sunrises and sunsets, and unwinding and relaxing. Gia is a big foodie! She also has a passion for animals, especially her golden retriever, Theo. Although she loves the inventory side of the cannabis industry, her ultimate dream is to be a successful digital content creator/photographer