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reLeaf Alternative has updated its Service Agreement (the “Terms”).

The updates to our Terms discussed below are effective immediately for all first time users beginning on March 20, 2023. The updated Terms will go into effect for existing users on April 20, 2023. After that date, your continued use and access to reLeaf Alternative’s services will constitute your acceptance of and consent to any such changes. 

Capitalized terms not defined on this page have the same meanings given to them in the Terms. You can read the full terms in the links below, along with a description of the key changes:

Updates to the Service Agreement:

  • We updated the Term and Termination Section.
  • We revised our Services Section to include a new Messaging Credit Plan and Product Roadmap that includes a sunset feature and notice. 
  • We updated the Obligations of the Subscriber’s use of reLeaf Alternative’s services.
  • We adjusted the usage restrictions for Subscribers.
  • We amended our Service Level Requirements that will now be made available on a quarterly basis rather than monthly.
  • We updated the Subscriber Data section to encompass the permitted uses of data, the use of Partner Data, Analytics Data, and Public Data collected on reLeaf Alternative’s services.
  • The Payment Section was revised to include operational Fees and Taxes as a result of reLeaf Alternative’s business change.
  • We clarified the obligations in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act Section.
  • We refined the Confidentiality obligations section for both reLeaf Alternative and the Subscriber. 
  • We elaborated on the Privacy section for both the Subscriber and reLeaf Alternative’s obligations to reflect the law and regulations. 
  • We updated the Indemnification Section to reflect the recent changes of our business operations. 
  • We clarified the Disclaimer and Limitation of Liabilities Section.
  • We revised the Miscellaneous Section.
  • We updated the Service agreement as a whole to reflect the changes to reLeaf Alternative’s business operations. 

We hope that you found the above information helpful. We’ve highlighted what we believe to be the most noteworthy changes, but you should also review the documents in full for your own understanding.