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  • Immediate payment of the estimated 3% HCA upon receival of a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • 150 Voluntary community service hours in Natick.
  • $100,000 donated to local Charities.
  • Preferential hiring for Natick Residents
  • Communal and Charitable ties for over 50 years in the surrounding area; including to sizable donations to; YMCA, Genesis Fund, Old Hospice and Cape Cod Wounded Veterans Association.
  • Letter of support from TCAN, Natick Rotary Club and Social Services Net

Educational Material & Handouts

Educated staff, readily available information, and continuing education will be an essential factor to the ongoing support to our customers and the Natick Community.

  • Former Principal, Justin Valanzola brings a well-formatted comprehensive educational and training program for reLeaf employees and the Community of Natick.
  • All staff will be trained and educated on cannabis and its by-products.
  • Educational materials and resources will be provided and available on-site to anyone.
  • Educational presentations, materials, and resources regarding awareness of cannabis-related issues will be available and accessible to the community.
  • Community outreach meetings hosted annually to ensure consistent flow of information and support to Natick residents and customers.