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  • Durban Poison x Skywalker OG
  • Sativa
  • 100mg CBD: 100mg THC 20-packs, each piece = 5mg CBD: 5mg THC

This strain is part of Bountiful’s Awaken Product Line, Durban Walker offers not only energetic and focusing properties for our customers, but also uplifting and creative cerebral effects. Perfect for those who are looking to not only help treat mood disorders, but also still be able to function throughout their day. Great for getting tasks and projects done, or a prework out before getting your body moving.

This is truly a unique and intriguing strain. Caryophyllene, Linalool, Pinene, a-Pinene with a smidge of Humulene interacts in such a way creating a perfect Sativa leaning Hybrid. The aroma of the earthiness paired with a sweet and spicy pine taste gives off a focused, creative, relaxing euphoria of happiness. The Sativa side of this strain may help with headaches/migraines, depression, nausea, stress, anxiety, depression and attention disorders. The Indica side may helpPTSD, arthritis, chronic pain and loss of appetite.

“The Durban Walker is a must-buy. It has a silky smooth hit. I’ve had like 5 bowls and my lungs are fine. It tastes like citrus with hints of gas. Soooo good. Beautiful bud and it’s a steal for the price. 9/10”

Connor – Budtender