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Whip up these buzzy treats and pass around the positivity!

Each sweet batch is dosed with 100mg of THC and makes 20 brownies. Just add eggs, butter and enjoy.

Simple ingredients:

  • sugar
  • salt
  • baking powder
  • real cocoa

In researching this product, we were unable to differentiate if Old Pal uses a specific strain or a combination of strains.

Following the recipe as instructed we recommend adding an extra egg, just to ensure that the mixture holds firm.

You may experience a lighter than normal edible high (along the lines of a mild buzz), perfect for a pregame situation or a better than expected appetizers for a game night with friends!

Good as is, however if you are wanting a higher mg/brownie you can always improve on it, like one of our budtenders.

“The combination of the Old Pal Brownie Mix and the Honey Powder really accentuated what the original high was for me. It’ll slip you into a more relaxing/sedative high. Giggles to be expected.”

Amber P. – Budtender

Looking for that desired edible high. We recommend buying a combination of Brownie Mix with Hot Cocoa Mix or Instant Coffee. Mixing either combo will increase mgs to customize your high.

Hungry for some yummy brownies?

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